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Q1: Difficulty of UGEE Exam compared to JEE?

The level of questions is of and below JEE Main level. They generally place 1 -2 advance questions in between the paper so, you need to be smart, Identifying and skipping those will give you a selection

Q2: Can repeaters apply for UGEE, is there any age limit?

There is no age limit as such, just you need to clear Board exams, and Yes, Repeaters can apply and can also get a seat just they will need a strong answer on why repeat? but, you have plenty of time to prepare your answer.

Q3: Final Selection will be based on the UGEE score or only on the basis of the Interview?

Officially IIIT Hyderabad has conveyed that final admission will be only on the basis of Interviews but They can’t judge anyone within just 15 minutes so, the UGEE score has more priority as per IIITprep. as we have previous students data, those with decent UGEE scores have more selection.

Q4: Are there any scholarships for students in IIITH?

Definitely Yes, There are a lot many scholarships for students including financial assistance, alumni support, scholarship loan scheme, etc. We will recommend you to check the latest updates on IIITH official website

Q5: Advantage of IIITs over IITs and NITs?

The IIITs have the latest updated syllabus. In the first year Topics of 12th are taught in IITs but not in IIITs. IIITs have other extra topics right from the first year which is helpful, IIIT starts Coding right from first year itself.

Q6: Difference between IIIT Hyderabad and the rest of other IIITs in India?

IIIT Hyderabad stands for International Institute of Information Technology whereas IIITs which are in PPP mode are Indian Institute of Information Technology so, IIIT Hyderabad is popular worldwide, Lots of DASA admissions are also there and even comparable to Top 7 IITs

Q7: Is there a possibility of shifting from ECE to CSE after 1st year? If so, what are the criteria?

This only happens if there are available seats (if there were leftovers from counseling in the first year) and then, they rank on a CGPA basis. Quite a few ECE kids get software jobs, it’s not really an issue

Q8: Do students really complete the dual degree in 5 years?

MS component involves doing original research. Original research takes time and focus, you are going to contribute to the world’s storehouse of knowledge. So at times in certain disciplines, it does take time. Unlike any other program in India, this is not a normal MTech as you would imagine it. But there are people who have completed in 4.5 years overall as well. It depends on your research area, your advisor, and your luck.

Q9: What is the CGPA required to upgrade from ECE to CSE?

It’s very difficult to get a branch change. The last case of sliding up was at least 3 years back and in that case the student scored a perfect 10 in the first year. Please note that getting a 10 CGPA at IIITH is much harder than getting one at IITs or BITs, and happens very rarely.

Q10: Are companies skeptical about hiring dual degree students?

No, companies show no skepticism in hiring dual degree students. They get the same opportunities in placements as the single degree students. In some cases, a company may also prefer a dual degree student if their research work has been in the company’s field of interest.

Q11: Do I need a minimum of 60% marks in boards to qualify for IIITH?

The candidate should have a minimum of 60% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in the 12th Board. Kindly refer the admission requirement portal

Q12: Do dual degree students get their own single occupancy rooms after the first year?

No, every student irrespective of the branch is given a single room only in 4th year and onwards.

Q13: What is the duration of each class at IIITH?

Classes at IIITH are usually 1.5 hours long while the labs can go upto 3 hours as well.

Q14: In order to land a good software job, what more would I have to concentrate upon in addition to what we learn in ECE?

You’ll basically have to learn competitive programming. Under ECE, you would be taught the introductory courses of these topics and you’ll just have to work on them further.

Q15: Do companies other than those hiring for software engineering roles come to campus?

Yes companies other than software firms do come to campus.

Q16: Is academics very hectic in the 4th year if students aspire to go for MBA/UPSC/Non-Core jobs?

It is much less hectic than first two years, however it completely depends on how you manage your workload.

Q17: Is 85% attendance mandatory in all courses or is it dependent upon professors?

Yes, it is compulsory for all the classes irrespective of the professors.

Q18: What about the connectivity from one place to another? Are two wheeler's allowed on the campus or cycles?

People generally walk from one place to another inside the campus, you would not need cycles for that purpose. for travelling outside, you can bring your own cycle however two wheelers are not allowed.

Q19: I have been allotted my second preference that is ECE however I would rather want to choose the third choice preference program, can I do so?

Once, the preferences have been locked it is not possible to change it anyway. Please note that you need to fill your choice preferences very carefully.

Q20: What is taught in CLD, CND and what are their research fields? Which is better in terms of placement and research workload?

Both are same when it comes to placements, CLD might have a slight edge if you want to join research positions in the industry but that would also require higher studies in the same field. Research workload will completely depend upon your project and advisor. 

Q21: If I did my 10th in 2016 and 12th in 2019 (extra one year for improvement), will I be eligible for admission in 2022 via UGEE?

There is no criteria as such pertaining to the year of passing mentioned anywhere. You just need to have a minimum of 60% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in your 12th Board.

Q22: Do OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) admitted via UGEE mode have to pay the same fees structure as an Indian national ?

Yes, It is exactly the same. The fees structure is entirely based on your mode of entry and not on the residential status.

Q23: How much time does a student get for sports/ extra co-curricular activities?

First and second year students have a compulsory 1 hour PT period every alternate working day. Other than that, students can use their free time as they like. there are football, cricket, volleyball, basketball and badminton facilities and you’ll find people frequently playing there.

Q24: How are the average placement statistics at the CLD branch?

As such placements do not vary much from one branch to the other in CS as all companies allow CS (including dual) students to sit for placements. Dual students might even have more options as you would be eligible for roles involving the courses you have specifically studied in your MS.

Q25: Does IIITH allow students to avail the scholarships provided by state governments or any other external organization?

Yes, IIITH allows these scholarships. Moreover there are several financial assistances offered by the institute and it’s alumni network as well. Please refer

Q26: Is the eligibility criteria through JEE Mains at least 60% aggregate or 60% in separately Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics?

The candidate has to secure a minimum of 60% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry individually in the 12th board. Kindly refer the admission requirements portal

Q27: What books do I need to bring to IIITH?

You don’t need to being any books to IIITH unless you like reading. The books required for the courses are a part of the fees and they will be distributed on the days of the registration.

Q28: Are there any arrangements for the parents to stay on the campus on and after registration day?

There will be no arrangements made for the parents to stay on campus on or after the registration day. However, there are quite a few hostels very close to the institute. The students however will be allotted a room and roommate on the first day of registration and then they can continue to stay in the room.

Q29: When and how are hostel rooms made available to the students?

IIITH follows a 2 people per room policy for the students of UG- 1, 2, 3 years after which each students is allotted an individual room. Room and roommate allocation is completely random. The students will be allowed to take possession of the room on the very first day of the registration.

Q30: I Have Received Admission To IITs. Why Should I Consider Joining IIIT Hyderabad?

IIIT Hyderabad UG program is unique in the country.

  1. It provides research opportunities, even to a UG student, not available anywhere else in the country. Many UG students are able to publish papers at international conferences. Some even visit abroad for working with partner research groups while still a UG students.
  2. It has a modern and flexible curriculum that allows a student to tailor it to his/her requirements.
  3. Infrastructure is extremely good in academics as well as in hostels and student life.

So, if you want to achieve your dreams, of creating new technologies or doing cutting-edge research, come to IIIT Hyderabad.

Q31: Why Should I Join The 5-Year Dual Degree Program? In The 4-Year Program, I Finish One Year Early.

The dual degree program prepares you for research and jobs in your area of interest are likely to come up in large numbers as more R&D companies start their operations. It also prepares you for higher studies, if you wish to pursue Ph.D. in India or abroad.

The program takes one extra year, but then you get two degrees B.Tech. and Masters. Normally, M.Tech. requires two years beyond B.Tech. The fifth-year is expected to be fully supported if your academic performance is satisfactory and the availability of funded projects in your area of research. You are also likely to get financial support in the form of teaching assistantships in the earlier years when you assist in teaching or work in funded research projects. 

Q32: What Are Some Of The Areas In Which UG Students Can Do Research?

Robotics, wireless communication, speech processing, machine translation, search engines, computer vision, pattern recognition, databases, data mining, VLSI, embedded systems, bio-informatics. More information here  

Q33: Is Branch Change Allowed?

Branch change is allowed between CSE and ECE after 1st year, subject to the condition that the total numbers in each branch are within 10% (plus or minus) of sanctioned strength (i.e. in the range of 90 – 110% of the sanctioned strength).

Program change from 4-year to a dual degree program is permitted typically at the end of the 3rd year. Change from dual degree to 4-year program is not permitted.

Q34: IIIT-H Fee Is Higher Than The Fee At IITs Or NITs. Why?

IIIT offers high-quality infrastructure. It has modern well-kept living facilities. It also has one of the highest bandwidth availability per student. It has a highly qualified research-oriented faculty with research centers. All this costs money. Most importantly IIIT does not run on annual Government grants. This allows complete autonomy and high academic standards but does result in a slightly higher fee. However, financial assistance is available.

Q35: I Am Not Able To Pay The Fee. Is Any Financial Assistance Available?

IIIT-H special financial assistance scheme (ISFAS): Financial support is provided on a need basis, to students through this scheme on a payback (after graduation) basis. The funds for this support are contributed by the Institute as well as alumni who, despite being young, have contributed generously. The Institute has earmarked an enhanced contribution to this pool for this year.

Q36: How Are The On-Campus Placement Opportunities?

A detailed report on placements can be found here.

Q37: Is There A Hostel Facility On Campus? What About The Other Facilities?

Yes, IIIT-H is a residential Institute and it is compulsory for all students to stay on-campus. Separate hostels for boys and girls are available on-campus with basic facilities. Hostels are completely networked with an Internet facility. UG1 students are not provided a network facility in their hostel rooms. However, they have access to the internet in common labs during the daytime.

You can read about the institute’s infrastructure here.

Q38: How Is Hyderabad’s Climate?

Hyderabad has a pleasant salubrious climate. It is dry, so even when it is hot under the sun, it is pleasant under the shade. It has two hot months (April and May) and even in those months there is no loo (hot wind), and evenings become pleasant. As soon as the monsoons arrive (approximately 7th June) Hyderabad becomes like an “air-conditioned” city and not hot and muggy like other cities. Winters are mild with the temperature rarely going below 12 degrees Centigrade at night. (Hyderabad is at an altitude of 500 m so its climate is different from the rest of the Andhra climate.)

Q39: What Kind Of City Is Hyderabad? What Does It Have To Offer?

Hyderabad is a large metropolis (the 5th largest city of India) with old-world charm. It is a favored destination of the software industry in India and a large cosmopolitan city with interesting eating places, shopping areas, theatres, visibly present film industries, etc. However, it retains a personal touch of a small town. People are helpful and laid back, and surprisingly autorickshaw drivers do not “take you for a ride” unnecessarily. Culturally it is active with heritage walks, monuments that invite you, painting exhibitions, Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Q40: Where Is IIIT-H Located In Hyderabad? What Facilities Are Available In Its Vicinity?

IIIT is located in Gachibowli with a largely self-contained campus. Most of your needs will be satisfied within the campus: hostel, mess, canteen, stationery shop, weekly film shows, etc. There is a nearby market within a kilometer from campus where items of personal need are available. IIIT is about 15 km from the center of the city but well connected with buses and shared minitaxies (temples). Gachibowli is a fast-developing area in which several new software companies are building their campuses including Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, and others. As a result, many new facilities are coming up in the area. However, you will be busy with academic activities and will go out relatively infrequently.

Q41: Do I Have To Fill Or Buy IIIT Hyderabad Form For Admission?

The admission to IIIT is through institute portals. Kindly check here for the details of filling the application form and paying the application fees.

Q42: Can I Apply For Multiple Modes Of Admission To IIIT?

Yes, but: (1) You will be allowed to accept, hold and pay for a seat in only one of the modes. If you wish to change your accepted program later when offered during the admission process, you must first release your accepted seat. (2) If the modes you apply require an interview, you will be interviewed only once. For e.g. if you apply through KVPY and UGEE, you will be interviewed only for UGEE.

Q43: Is IIIT, Hyderabad Participating In JEE (Main) -2019?

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad is not participating in CSAB counseling (JEE (Main) -2019). IIIT, Hyderabad offers B.Tech. admissions through Institute portal using JEE(Main) 2019 Marks.

Q44: I Have Heard All The Students In The First Year Will Be Required To Purchase Laptops In The First Year. Should I Purchase Now?

No, you do not need any Laptop in your first year. You will get access to a workspace equipped with computers.

Q45: Is There A Dual Degree Program For ECE Students?

Yes, there is. It has the same characteristics as the Dual Degree Program for ECE students in terms of requirements and objectives.

Q46: How Is The Dual Degree Program Different From The B.Tech One?

Refer to Q2

Q47: What Is It In There For Me In The Dual Degree Program?

A lot of fun in doing cutting-edge research in a specific stream. Opportunities to do internships in the best of places. Ability to join Research Exchange Program. Detailed information can be found here.

Q48: When Does One Have To Choose The Field Of Specialization For The Dual Degree Program?

At the end of the second year.

Q49: What Are Trans-Disciplinary Dual-Degree Programs? Should I Join Them?

Institute offers trans-disciplinary programs leading to dual-degrees:

B.Tech in Computer Science and MS in ‘X’, where ‘X’ stands for one of the following:

Computational Natural Science

Computational Linguistics, or

Exact Humanities.

This will allow students to pursue new areas along with a strong computational background. Major breakthroughs in research are likely to come from such trans-disciplinary research.

Q50: I Have Paid Online Through A Debit/Credit Card. How Do I Verify If The Payment Was Successful?

Please ask your bank if the amount is deducted from your credit card/debit card account. If the amount is deducted then the payment was successful. If you do not click anywhere on the screen while the bank website is redirecting to the IIIT website after successful online payment, then you will see a confirmation message on the screen and you would also receive an email with a payment successful message. In case you have not received an email but the amount is deducted from your account, please send an email to ‘’ with the transaction ID, Bank account no., Date/Time of transaction, Transaction amount, your name, email address, etc. details. We will try to confirm within 7 working days whether we have received the payment.

Q51:Will I Receive Confirmation If I Send The Form By Post/Courier?

If you have specified the correct email address in the application form for phase-I then you should receive an email confirmation about registration. We also send postal confirmation to all applicants who have filled the application phase-I form through post.

Q52: 12th Marks Have Not Been Announced For My Board. What Should I Do?

Please leave the fields blank where 12th marks details are asked in phase I form if your results are not yet announced. You can fill in these details in phase II form.

Q53: I Have Not Received Any Confirmation Email After Completing Phase I. What Should I Do?

Please check the SPAM folder or bulk email folder for the confirmation email. Since such emails are generated automatically they very often go to SPAM or bulk mail folders. In case you can’t find the email and the amount got deducted from your debit/credit card account then please send an email to with the transaction ID, Bank accounts no., Date/Time of transaction, Transaction amount, your name, email address, etc. details and we will reply to you within 7 working days.

Q54: Is There Any SC/ST/BC, Women, Physically Challenged, Etc. Quota For IIIT Admissions?

No, there is no SC/ST/BC, women, physically challenged, etc. quota or reservation of any kind for IIIT admissions. All admissions are strictly merit-based and in the open category.

Q55: Will The IIT JEE Rank Be Considered Along With JEE(Main) Rank For Admission?

No, we only consider JEE(Main) Marks for regular admissions. There is however a provision for admissions based on Olympiads, NTSE or KVPY, etc. Further, for students from Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities with Mathematics, there are opportunities to pursue Dual Degree Computational Linguistics or Exact Humanities. Please read here for more information on admissions based on these criteria.

Q56. If I Have Paid The Application Fee (Or Any Other Fee) More Than Once, What Should I Do? Is A Refund Applicable On The Full Amount?

In case you have paid the application fee (or any other fee) more than once by mistake or for any other reason (you find the amount has been debited from you more than once), please immediately send a mail to The admissions office will cross-check the same and inform you of the refund possibility.
As regards the refund amount, please note that the refund for the additional payments, if any, will be only for the fee amount that was charged by the Institute and will not include the Transaction and/or Bank charges paid as part of the online payment process. 

Q57: Is There Any Internal Sliding Possible Once We Join The Institute?

There will be no internal sliding after you join the institute. For four-year/five-year B.Tech/Dual degree programs in CSE and ECE, a branch change is possible according to institute rules after the first year.

For other five-year dual degree programs in Computational Natural Sciences, Computational Linguistics, Exact Humanities, and Building Science & Engineering as they are special programs, no branch change is allowed. So you should opt for these programs only if you are really interested in them. Your opting for programs without a serious intent to join deprives another candidate of the seat, as there would be no more rounds.

Q58. There Seem To Be Lot More Seats Vacant In Dual Degree Programs. Why Is It So?

The dual degree research program is for 5-years. Students who would like to do research would generally prefer this program. However, some students whose first preference is a 4-year program may also opt for the 5-year dual degree program and gets the seat. In further rounds, he/she may slide to 4-year based on the vacancy which will create a vacant seat in a dual degree program. 

Q59. What Are Opening And Closing JEE (Main) Marks In The Last 5 Years (Branch-Wise)?

JEE Cut Off Marks Statement from 2015 to 2019


































For More Proper Details of Each Round Each Year -> Click Here

Q60. What Are Placement Details For The Year 2018?

The UG graduates achieved 100% placements for several years. The average and median annual salaries for 2017-18 of ECE graduates were Rs 17 lakhs and 16 lakhs respectively. The figures for CSE graduates were Rs 23 lakhs and 24 lakhs, for ECD graduates Rs 22.5 lakhs and Rs 24 lakhs, and for CSD graduates Rs 23 lakhs and Rs 22.5 lakhs in the same period. However, the institute believes in promoting the wholesome progression of each student as true leaders in their chosen career area. The statistics on the student’s first jobs do not truly reflect the institute’s vision about their career.

Source: IIIT Hyderabad Admission FAQs click here

Q61: How’s the campus life at IIITH?

  1. Campus clubs and events:
    IIIT has a plethora of clubs that organize events throughout the year. Unlike some other institutions, there is no competition to be part of any club that you like. Some clubs include music club, art club, and more recently the gaming club. The campus gives you the independence to start your own club as well if you have the interest and the will to take up the initiative.
    These clubs are also responsible for some of the events during the main campus festival: Felicity.
  2. Campus Location:
    The campus is located at a very convenient location right next to eating joints, supermarkets, gyms, salons, etc. All of these are within walking distance of the main campus gate. Over the past couple of years, plenty of activities have come up to do in and around Gachibowli.

Q62: Academic calendar of IIIT Hyderabad?

Academic Calendar IIITH
Academic Calendar IIITH

Q63: When and how are the hostel’s rooms made available to students?

IIIT follows 2 people per room policy for the students of UG-1,2 and 3 after which each student is allotted an individual room. Room and roommate allocation is completely random. The students will be allowed to take possession of the room on the first day of registration during which the student will be told which room they’ve been assigned.

Q64: Sports Facilities on Campus?

IIIT-H has 2 grounds, one primarily used for football, while the other has a tennis and volleyball court. There is a room for Table tennis and an open court for badminton as well. One can always find companions to play football, cricket, and even badminton. The gym facilities are also decent enough to use(separate gym in girls hostel.) There’s a basketball court as well, recently returfed and it is almost guaranteed to find someone playing each evening.

Q65: WHAT is the CGPA required to upgrade from ECE to CSE?

It’s very difficult to get a branch change. The last case of sliding up was at least 3 years back, and in that case, the student scored a perfect 10 in the first year. Please note that getting a 10CGPA at IIIT-H is much harder than getting one at IITs or BITs, and happens very rarely.

Q65: IIIT Hyderabad curriculum

Find at these links :
4 year –

5 year –

Q66: IIIT Dual Degree or NIT CSE?

Both have their own pros and cons. IIIT dual degree is a big commitment since it involves research work as well but the kind of exposure the students will get in their specific field will be unparalleled.

Q67: Are companies skeptical about hiring dual degree students?

No, companies show no skepticism in hiring dual degree students. They get the same opportunities in placements as single degree students. In some cases, a company may also prefer a dual degree student if their research work has been in the company’s field of interest.

Q68: What’s the storage place like in hostel rooms?

In the first year, the two roommates share one almirah of standard size. In addition,  they also get a shelf each. It’s enough to be your wardrobe but not a lot of other things.

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